Surgical Services

Dr. Robards and the entire staff at Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital strive to provide your pet with the highest standard in veterinary surgery. Before every procedure, a complete physical examination is performed to identify any existing medical conditions that might endanger your pet’s health.
Your pet is safely anesthetized and closely monitored by highly-trained technicians during and after the procedure. Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us observe heart rate, pulse strength, oxygen levels, and blood pressure during your pet’s procedure.


General Surgery

Spays and neuters are just a few of the elective surgeries that we commonly provide. Tail docking, dew claw removals, laceration repairs, and lump removals are a sampling of our general surgical services. We also perform more advanced surgical procedures such as orthopedic and intra-abdominal surgery (see below).


We are equipped to perform a wide variety of orthopedic surgeries from fracture and cruciate ligament repair to more complex procedures such as amputations. Our veterinary staff is familiar with the latest rehabilitation techniques enabling complete post-operative care and recovery for all of our orthopedic patients.
We perform complex soft tissue surgeries including gastrointestinal surgery, bladder and urinary tract surgery, abdominal exploratory surgery, and caesarian sections.


Surgical techniques for ophthalmic procedures require specialized skill and a delicate touch. We regularly perform grid keratotomies, enucleations, conjunctival flaps, as well as more complex ophthalmic procedures.


Laser Surgery

The use of lasers on veterinary patients is a growing field and Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital is one of the few veterinary facilities that incorporates laser surgery into all aspects of our surgical care.
Laser surgery allows us to be able to perform most surgical procedures with less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, and with a faster recovery time. This cutting-edge technology is commonly used for declaws and tumor removals, however it can also be used for more complex surgical procedures.
We find that most surgical patients can benefit from the use of laser technology.

Otoscopy (Ear Care)

Along with other surgical procedures, we offer advanced care for chronic ear disease. This includes, but is not limited to, disease resulting from resistant bacterial infection, middle ear infection, tumors, or polyps. Through the use of endoscopy, we perform myringotomies on a regular basis and accept referrals from many smaller hospitals to perform this unique surgical procedure.

Typically associated with otitis media, or inflammation of the middle ear, myringotomy surgery relieves the build-up of fluid or pus in the space behind the ear drum. Through the tip of the endoscope, we can obtain a biopsy sample of an underlying tumor or polyp possibly located in the middle ear.

Due to the number of cases requiring this special procedure, Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital has established a solid reputation for high-quality surgery, providing each of our patients with unsurpassed pre- and post-operative care.

Please click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding veterinary surgery.

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