5 Reasons to Get Your Pet an Appointment at the Vet Sooner Rather Than Later

Pet ownership is fun and rewarding, but also comes with the responsibility to take care of all your dog or cat’s needs, including regular visits to the veterinarian. You might question how often and whether you should take your furry friend to the doctor for financial reasons, but animals need to see a  veterinarian on a regular basis, even if they’re up-to-date on their vaccinations. Here are five reasons to take your canine or feline to the vet regularly.

Pet Vaccinations

Most people know that their dog or cat needs vaccinations to stay protected from rabies and other diseases that they can contract during their life, especially when they’re young. Dogs need to receive vaccinations for rabies, kennel cough, Lyme disease or influenza. Cats also need vaccinations to build immunity to diseases. Your vet can determine if your pet is current on vaccinations according to the latest health schedule.

Annual Pet Check-Ups

You go to the doctor every year for a check-up and your furry companion is no different. An annual exam at Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa allows the vet to examine your pet’s weight, ears, eyes, paws, and joints for signs that something may be wrong before your pet starts showing signs. You can’t see everything that can be wrong just by looking at them. Discuss how to manage fleas and ticks such as medications or medicated collars, and prevent heartworm with a monthly medication to keep your pet healthy. Your dog or cat’s weight is important too because obesity can lead to diabetes, respiratory illness, and increase their chances of developing arthritis as they get older.

Pet Behavior

Behavioral problems alone don’t necessarily warrant a visit to the vet, but severe or unusual behaviors can be a cause for concern that requires a professional opinion. Bring up anything that worries you, and you might receive valuable feedback on how to handle common issues with your pet, especially if the issue is limited to certain breeds and sizes of animal.

Pet Aging

As animals get older their health needs increase. They become more prone to illnesses and might need to visit the vet more than once a year to detect or manage an existing condition. Your pet might also need to have tests to screen for problems with the liver and kidneys. You can also learn ways to make age-related conditions easier to handle, such as dementia that triggers behaviors like forgetting where to go to the bathroom.


Your pet’s teeth need regular attention. Try to brush them, and if it’s not possible, give them products designed to break up plaque and keep their teeth healthy and strong. Gum disease can form and cause your pet’s teeth to decay and cause bad breath. You may need to have the vet perform a cleaning on a regular basis, especially if they have an ongoing dental condition.

Don’t neglect your pet’s medical needs. Part of being a responsible pet owner includes ensuring that they receive medical care on a regular basis. Contact Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma now to schedule your pet’s appointment. Remember that it’s cheaper and better for your pet to receive preventative care than it is to treat something that could’ve been detected.

Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital is a trusted friend, here to help you keep your pets safe and feeling good. Frequent checkups are important to maintain a healthy cat or dog. As an animal owner, you have an obligation to provide the best care you can for this little creature that gives you so much and asks for nothing in return. Contact Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital or call us at (918) 203-6339 today and make an appointment for your furry friend to ensure they stay by your side for years to come.