The Proactive Approach To Canine Veterinary Care

When it comes to the health of your dog, preventative care is crucial to the health of your dog and ensuring that they remain healthy and happy by your side as long as possible. Through our annual exams at Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa, our passionate veterinary staff is able to prevent, diagnose, and ultimately treat diseases in your pet, often before any symptoms are even noticeable. Treatment is much more effective when starting early, so our canine preventative care will help your pet live a long and healthy life.

Preventive Health Measures Recommended by Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital

Annual Veterinary Exams: Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital’s comprehensive annual exams evaluate skin and coat health, temperature, hearing acuity, lung and chest health, internal health, oral hygiene as well as visual responsiveness.

Vaccinations: In order to prevent many common diseases and infections such as rabies, parvo, and distemper, booster shots and updated vaccinations are the easiest and most effective way.

Dental Care: Annual teeth cleanings are very important when it comes to improving and maintaining your dog’s overall well-being since their teeth and mouth affect nearly every aspect of their life.

Parasite Control: Administering regular anti-parasitic medication to your pet is an easy way to prevent and eradicate parasites like fleas and ticks.

Behavioral Evaluations: Oftentimes, your dog exhibiting changes in their mood or behavior can be symptoms of an underlying medical condition. The veterinary staff at our animal hospital will observe these changes to identify and treat the root cause.

Skin and Coat Care: Grooming and washing are key to maintaining proper pet hygiene. Skin and hair health prevents mange, matting, bacterial infections and more.

Nutrition: Proper nutrition supports all of your dog’s bodily processes, bolstering their immune system and ensuring normal aging, growth, and development.

Preventative Care for Senior Animals

Preventative care becomes more significant for aging dogs. Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital recommends twice-yearly exams for elderly dogs. As pets get older, they are prone to many age-related diseases that become increasingly difficult to diagnose and treat. To keep senior pets healthy and happy, we must adjust many preventative health measures to better suit their changing medical needs.

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