The Proactive Approach To Canine Veterinary Care

At Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital in Tulsa, we know how much you care for your beloved dog. There’s a reason that they’re referred to as “man’s best friend”. They’re more than just a pet, they’re a part of the family, and that’s why you want to be sure that they’re healthy and happy. The best way to do this is through canine preventative care. By ensuring that your dog receives its annual exam at our animal hospital, we’ll be able to prevent and treat diseases in your pet at the earliest stage, oftentimes before symptoms even begin to show. For the health of your dog, we recommend the following preventative measures:

Annual Exam: During your pet’s annual exams, our experienced veterinarians will evaluate nearly every aspect of their health. From their oral hygiene and temperature to the health of their skin and coat, we’ll evaluate it all to ensure that your dog is in the best shape possible, and if we notice any warning signs of an illness or a disease, we’ll immediately begin treatment.

Parasite Control: Ticks and fleas are a common nuisance for dogs that can lead to illness or infection. Luckily, they are easily preventable and treatable through anti-parasitic medication.

Dental Care: Many dog owners don’t take their pet’s dental hygiene very serious, but is extremely important to their overall health. Through annual teeth cleanings, you can rest assured that their teeth and mouth are properly taken care of.

Vaccinations: Making sure that your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations is the easiest way to ensure that they’re healthy. Vaccinations are able to prevent the most common diseases and infections including parvo, rabies, distemper, and more.

Behavioral: With your dog unable to let you know when something is wrong, they often resort to displaying odd or new behavioral patterns. If your dog has been acting erratically, such as house soiling or excessive barking, this could be their way of letting you know that there is an underlying medical condition.

Nutrition: Just like humans, dogs require a healthy and proper nutritional diet in order to aid their immune system and making sure that they age and grow at a healthy pace.

Skin and Coat Care: In order to avoid infections, matting, and mange, it’s very important for your pet to have regular grooming and washing. Not only will they look great, but feel that way too!

Senior Dogs

As your dog ages, preventative care becomes even more important to their overall health. Here at Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital, we recommend two exams per year for elderly dogs. Our veterinarians will be able to adjust any treatments that your dog is currently taking and ensure that they’re getting the medical attention that they need.

When you bring your dog(s) into our animal clinic in Tulsa, you’ll immediately recognize the care that every member of our staff provides to each and every animal that we take care of. If your dog is in need of their annual exam, or you would like to utilize one of our other veterinary services, contact us today to schedule an appointment.