There is a reason that our veterinary hospital is also referred to as animal “care”, because we do. Our staff is devoted to one thing, and that is improving the health and comfort of your beloved pet. We provide an array of services such as grooming, boarding, laser surgery, diagnostics, dental care, and even emergency vet services. To learn more about what we do at Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital and hear some advice and tips for your pet, be sure to follow our blog. If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call us today!

  1. Dealing With Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

    As any dog parent knows, leaving them home alone can be the worst part of your day. Even if you’re just going out to run a few errands, the look on their face as you grab your keys can be heartbreaking. While it’s rough on the owners, it can be even more devastating for the dog to be left on the…Read More

  2. Knowing When Your Dog Has Poor Coat Health

    A dog’s coat goes beyond just providing them with warmth and comfortability, it can also be an indicator of their overall health. At Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital, we’d like to provide you with a few signs to look out for that mean your furry best friend’s coat isn’t in the best conditi…Read More

  3. So Your Cat is Scratching Everything?

    Cats are incredible companions that can lift your spirits when you have a bad day, make you laugh with their wide and curious eyes, and be a great snuggle partner when you curl up with a good book. But as any cat owner knows, they do also have an innate, mischievous behavior. It’s one of the reaso…Read More

  4. Oral Hygiene for Your Pet

    Can you imagine if you never brushed your teeth? Not only would your breath clear a room in an instant, but you’d also be putting yourself at risk for dental diseases and teeth loss. Well, although many owners don’t think about it, the same goes for your beloved pet! Oral hygiene is incredibly i…Read More

  5. A Happy, Healthy Life for Your Dog

    As any dog parent knows, the love for our furry best friends is boundless. They’re there to greet you with a wag of their tail at the end of a long day of work, they wake you up with dog kisses (an alarm clock that’s impossible to get angry at), and they constantly let you know that you’re the…Read More

  6. Heartworm Basics and Why It’s Important to Protect Your Pets

    One of the most important components of an annual trip to the veterinarian is the heartworm test. While dogs are the most commonly afflicted pets, cats and other animals can also contract heartworm disease. It is important to visit your veterinarian regularly in order to prevent and, if necessary, t…Read More

  7. How To Keep Your Pet Safe In Tulsa’s Summer Heat

    Summer is a great time of year to get outdoors and have fun with your pets, but those hot days come with increased risks as well. Before you plan your summer activities, make sure to keep these safety tips in mind. Keeping Your Pet Cool Most dogs and cats are good at knowing their limits, so give th…Read More