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Veterinary Diagnostics in Tulsa

Precise Diagnostic Equipment for Preventative Care & Early Detection

When it comes to early detection and/or preventative care, our veterinarians rely on precise diagnostic equipment. Using these tools, we can detect and begin to treat diseases, disorders, or injuries in your pet at their early stages. This includes heart disease, fractured bones, and other issues.

At Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital, we prioritize the happiness and health of your pets. When something is wrong, contact Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital to schedule an appointment with your diagnostic team.

Monitoring Your Pet’s Heart

Electrocardiology (ECG) is crucial for your pet’s overall health because when their heart is happy, they’re happy. The staff at our animal clinic uses an electrocardiogram in order to ensure that their heart is beating at a healthy pace and a healthy rhythm. By utilizing the electrocardiography device, our Tulsa veterinarians will be able to detect any abnormalities and begin discussing a treatment program as soon as possible. This procedure is completely non-invasive.

Digital Radiology

Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital also utilizes digital radiology in order to detect any underlying diseases and/or injury. Using radiographs, our staff will be able to detect any foreign bodies, skeletal fractures, damage, and more. While not incredibly invasive, some x-rays require anesthesia, mostly because your pet needs to stay still in order to get an accurate reading.

In-House Laboratory Services

Our animal clinic is proud to provide in-house diagnostics in Tulsa including blood pressure monitoring and analysis, urinalysis, and more.

The most common blood tests we provide are:

  • Chemistry panel: Our veterinarians use this panel to test liver and kidney function, as well as electrolyte levels.
  • Complete blood count: This test determines the hemoglobin level, amount of red and white blood cells, and platelets in your pet.

We know how important the health of your pet is to you. That’s why we make sure to have the most effective and innovative veterinarian equipment, facilities, and tools available.

If your pet is in need of a visit to our Tulsa animal hospital, contact us now to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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    “I love Southern Hills Vet! They are absolutely the best. We have been taking our pets there for years.”

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    “I recently started bringing our new kitten to this facility and have been very pleased! The staff here are incredibly warm, welcoming, and professional. They took the time to answer my many questions ...”

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    “When I was looking for a place to get my dog fixed and everyone else was booked they seen my big guy the next day. They have been nothing shy of amazing every visit since February. After the ...”

    - Heather Odell

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