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One of the most heartbreaking and debilitating things to go through in life is realizing that your pet is missing and having no idea where to even look. They’re all you can think about as you await their return, hoping and praying that they’re okay. Thousands of lost pets are put into shelters monthly, even though they have a loving family searching for them. The good news is that there is an affordable and incredibly simple way to solve this problem.

At Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital, we provide microchipping in Tulsa to ensure you know where your pet is throughout their entire life. Call (918) 203-6339 to learn more!

What Is a Microchip?

Basically, a microchip is a minuscule tracking chip inside of a biocompatible capsule that is no bigger than a grain of rice. Once registered, the chip will transmit radio waves with your pet’s specific tracking number and your contact information. When a pet is found, its owner is able to be contacted immediately. Simple as that!

Placing a Microchip

The process of placing a microchip in your pet is quick, affordable, and no more painful than your pet’s annual vaccinations. The microchip, which is no bigger than a grain of rice, will be safely inserted under the skin at the back of your pet’s neck, between their shoulder blades. We’ll confirm your information and check the implanted chip to ensure it is working properly. There is no recovery period for your pet, but it is recommended that you keep them calm for 24 hours after implantation to ensure proper placement of the microchip.

A common misconception is that microchips are only for dogs. This is not true at all — especially since most cats don’t wear collars, it’s actually even more important that they be chipped.

Microchip Your Pets in Tulsa

The choice is simple! In case your pet has gone missing, you don’t have to worry. Know that when they are found, you will be contacted immediately. The process is safe, low cost, and the most effective method to recover your pet.

The knowledgeable and experienced staff at Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital treats your pet like a member of your family—because we know that they are. If your pet needs a microchip or any other veterinarian service, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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