Having a pet often means having a loyal, loving, best friend to be there for you every day. Your pet loves you unconditionally and they are a joy to have in your life. To ensure your pet receives the care they deserve in return, it is critical that you take your pet to regular checkups to your veterinarian in Tulsa. Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital is a partner in providing the exact care needed to keep your best friend healthy and safe.

Benefits of Frequent Checkups With a Tulsa Veterinarian

Unmask Hidden Issues

Pets cannot always show us when they are in pain or feeling sick. We see subtle clues, like lack of eating or an increase in sleeping, but it is impossible for us to recognize what the real issue might be. Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital can unmask issues hidden from even the most caring pet owner. If the issue is caught early enough, it can be easier to remedy. Frequent visits reduce care expenses by catching and correcting small issues before they become too big.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworms are a common issue for pets. The condition is easily preventable with the help of a frequent checkup with your veterinarian. If you put off preventative medications, the costs to cure this issue can be expensive. Not to mention traumatizing to your best friend.

Flea and Tick Removal

Fleas are a tricky parasite to eradicate once they become infested. They cause your pet insufferable itching day and night. They become embedded in carpets and other places throughout your home, so even if you can remove the bugs from your animal, the pests can easily return to continue the torture. Ticks are another parasite that can cause discomfort to your pet. With regular checkups, you can ensure your pet lives a happy, parasite free life in comfort.

Corneal Ulcers

This is an injury or scratch to the eye. Any pet can accidentally scratch the surface on the eye easily. When this happens, your poor pet will experience pain and discomfort. Since your pet cannot tell you the issue, it takes a skilled veterinarian to diagnose and help treat the injury. Your pet’s eyesight is extremely important and should not be left to home care.


With one short visit to the veterinarian a year, you can take the critical step in preventing rabies in your pet. To be compliant with rabies laws, you must provide proof of the vaccination usually by having your dog wear a tag showing they received their shots. Besides rabies, your veterinarian can offer suggestions on other vaccinations your pet might need to live a long, healthy life and prevent diseases that can seriously hurt your pet. Vaccinations should only be performed by a local Tulsa veterinarian.

Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital is a trusted friend, here to help you keep your pets safe and feeling good. Frequent checkups are important to maintain a healthy cat or dog. As an animal owner, you have an obligation to provide the best care you can for this little creature that gives you so much and asks for nothing in return. Call Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital today and make an appointment for your furry friend to ensure they stay by your side for years to come.

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